IKEA to launch augmented reality furniture app

The hardest part about buying furniture from Ikea is not constructing it. It’s making sure it’s going to look good in your home. The truth is, most of us are not equipped with the trained eye of an interior designer, which can lead to some regrettable purchases. That’s where Ikea’s new catalog app comes in handy. Using augmented reality, the app allows customers to visualize 3-D versions of Ikea’s furniture in their homes. So the sofas, tables, desks and chairs that you’d otherwise have to eyeball (or if you’re the planning type, pre-measure), can now be virtually placed into a room, ultimately making the planning process much more accurate and the chance of you schlepping a 50-pound box back to Ikea much less likely.

The way it works is this: Customers flip through the print catalog, and when they come across a plus symbol on a page, they hover their phone or tablet over it until a screen pops up asking them to scan the images on the page. At that point users will see the bonus features, which could be a 360-degree view of a room, videos, additional product information, or the option to place a piece of furniture in their room.

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