Augmented Reality, the next big thing for furniture shopping ?

In my never-ending quest to help others understand what the heck is going on in the world – what with all this newfangled technology and gizmos and stuff – today I want to discuss something called augmented reality.

Augmented reality will be the next big thing. And by “big thing” I mean it will be another app on your smart phone or device that you’ll have to ask a 7-year-old how to use.

Perhaps you have already heard the term augmented reality and wondered what it was all about.

Let’s clear one thing up, it is augmented reality, not alternate reality. Alternate reality is better left for the experts, such as Fox News and American history as told by Donald Trump.

Instead augmented reality takes actual reality and on your phone or device adds something to it. You might recall the Pokemon Go craze last year when average, everyday people absolutely lost their minds playing this incredibly stupid game?

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