‘Minority Report’ User Interface Gets Recreated with Augmented Reality

Currently, virtual reality is seen as the future of immersive technology, being used by everyone from major tech giants to NASA astronauts. Meanwhile, most people know of augmented reality as the thing that Pokémon GO uses. In terms of public perception, there’s a disconnect between the two.

Don Shin, founder of the software development firm Crosscom, thinks AR is being criminally underused compared to its bigger VR counterpart. So to show off AR’s potential as both a household tool and something that looks awesome, Shin put together a rig that recreates the scene in Minority Report where Tom Cruise investigates a crime using a ton of holographic computer screens, controlled by simple hand motions.

Now, while we’d never normally ask if you’d like to “be like Tom Cruise,” we’re making an exception because Minority Report is a great movie (the jury’s out on the show) and that holographic technology looks fun to mess around with. Using a custom AR headset he developed and displayed at the Escape Velocity convention in Washington DC, Shin showed off how augmented reality can create that display right in front of you, and how you can interact with all those windows using similar hand motions.

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