Apple presumably working on a wearable Augmented Reality device

Apple is working on several wearable prototypes to boast off its competence in the field of Augmented Reality. Reports are that the Cupertino tech giant is trying to come up with a pair of glasses that will feature a 3D camera. Apple is however not trying for a display which brings us to the conclusion that users will end up with the iPhone display as the primary exhibit.

This is not the first time that such reports have surfaced. There were rumors back in 2016 that Apple is working on a pair of AR glasses. There were reports that the glasses would have a wireless connection to iPhones and will also boast a display. The latest contradicting report has subdued the rumors. Tech evangelist Robert Scoble has suggested that Apple could launch the smart glasses this year through a partnership with Carl Zeiss although rumors suggest that the possibility of such a device coming this year is highly unlikely. It is safe to assume that there is, in fact, some degree of reliability on the latter.

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