Augmented Reality: Marketing’s Trillion-Dollar Opportunity

As traditional revenues from television advertising are beginning to erode, a new trillion-dollar industry is emerging that mandates brands be omnipresent. Within this decade, augmented reality is going to change the way the always-connected consumer works, shops and plays. Once contextual marketing seamlessly transitions to commerce, it will be trusted brands—and the savvy marketers who manage them—that help consumers augment their world with tailored experiences to enhance their daily lives.

Last year, American adults set new records of media consumption by ingesting 10 hours and 39 minutes of media per day. As pervasive as media is today, new technologies are seeking ways to connect and empower consumers continuously throughout their 17.2 waking hours per day. According to Citi GPS, digital reality is quickly growing into a new trillion-dollar market with annual revenues of $692 billion expected by 2025.

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