Augmented Reality Simplifies Sinus Surgery Via 3D Mapping

Augmented reality is already in action in the operating room in North America. It’s proving to be an innovative clinical tool that simplifies complex surgeries for doctors by providing a real time 3D map of the patient’s nasal cavity.

Practical applications of virtual reality and augmented reality have been realized. The technology is now taking the medical field by storm, and it’s changing the way that doctors operate.

A recent study by Wee Sim Khor states, “Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are rapidly becoming increasingly available, accessible and importantly affordable, hence their application into healthcare to enhance the medical use of data is certain.”

Doctors are excited about the future of the operating room. Augmented reality and virtual reality are enhancing their operating environment by providing patient-specific 3D anatomical maps that make complicated surgeries easier and quicker.

The first augmented reality system to be used in North America, called Targeted Guided Surgery (TGS), is already making a difference for patients and doctors alike.

Dr. Marc Tewfik, MUHC director of Rhinology and assistant professor in the department of Otolaryngology at McGill University, is the first North American doctor to use TGS, and he will definitely attest to the benefits of using augmented reality for “delicate” surgeries and for the education of future surgeons.

How Does It Work?

Augmented reality has far surpassed older technology when it comes to how doctors view their patients. Not only is it beneficial from pre-op to the actual operation, it is also patient specific…
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