Majority of Aussies will need to upgrade their iPhones to use new wave of augmented reality apps

TWO thirds of Australian iPhone users will have to upgrade their beloved smartphones this year or miss out on the new wave of augmented reality apps about to be unleashed.

Apple last week released a programming tool called ARKit that will allow app makers to create a swag of entertainment, educational, shopping and gaming apps that seamlessly add digital elements into real-world scenes.

FACE OFF: Leaked report shows AR prototype is Apple’s next big thing

Augmented reality became the hit of the gaming app market last year with the Pokemon Go craze that had people around the world hunting for “pocket monsters” in real-world locations.

But a demonstration at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose last week showed that the next wave of augmented reality will make that first-generation Pokemon Go app look like as sophisticated as a school project done in a rush.

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