Augmented reality app will allow airlines to track late passengers

Augmented reality application for retail business concept. Hand holding smart phone with A/R application on screen to finding shop in department stroe. Represent A/R application in business.

Gatwick has become the world’s first airport to use augmented reality technology after installing 2,000 indoor navigation beacons
Gatwick airport has installed around 2,000 beacons to enable ‘augmented reality wayfinding’ for passengers in a world first for an airport.

A lack of satellite signals can make road-based GPS systems, such as Google or Apple Maps, unreliable indoors. Gatwick has deployed a beacon-based positioning system that enables more reliable indoor navigation.

The beacon system also enables an augmented reality wayfinding tool, showing passengers directions in the camera view of their mobile device to make it easier to locate check-in areas, departure gates and baggage belts.
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