Vue: Trying to (re)conciliate AR with view correction

Vue Hands Gesture

New kid on the block, Vue is starting its campaign on Kickstarter. Their aim is to produce smart, but discreet glasses, fully tailorable, but that can also integrate the usual basic features required for any similar AR device:
-Handsfree call
-Mail notifications
-Sound (via the branch by conduction audio technology)
-Built-in microphone

The whole thing is controlled via an Android or Iphone app.
The API is available to develop custom options, like head or body gestures commands.

But most importantly, Vue is compatible with corrective lenses with the choice of prescription (including progressive), photochromic transition, polarized, and prescription polarized lenses. They partnered with an FDA-certified lens manufacturer.

That’s not however the first manufacturer in this area, where “AR” rather means Anti-Reflective (Coating):
Laforge (Shima)
And that’s pretty much all that i can find but foray into R&D labs of Great brands.

There’s more. Some of the major players in the field of corrective glasses are betting on yet another technology that can naturally blend in with AR: Digital vision corrective glasses. Called “Parallax Barrier Display” it’s a film deposed on any iphone/smartphone that can auto-correct image for glass wearers (which then can see their display correctly without glasses), and related systems.

Let’s not forget also there are still more discreet (yet still AR compatible) devices. Corrective lenses has a bright future in the augmented reality sphere.

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