Apple’s plans about Augmented Reality

Apple plans about AR
Let’s start with some background. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are one the most popular and growing trends in IT. According to Digi-Capital, AR market could reach 120 Billion US$ BY 2020. While VR require headset and many companies entered this domain (facebook with Oculus acquisition, Samsung with the GearVR, Google with DayDream VR, HTC with Vive, Sony with PSVR), AR at it’s basic doesn’t require additional hardware than mobile. Unlike VR, AR is still not the big companies’ battle ground. Google bets on VR and developed the VR Daydream in order to become the standard operation system for VR (like Android for VR).

As CEO of AppReal-VR, a software development company specialized in VR and AR development, I can say that VR is very trendy and verticals such as Tourism, hospitality, education, architecture, cars and others are the early adopters of this technology – the market is still small. We can estimate that worldwide there are around 1M-2M VR users Max. Next year this number can grow 10X times and in 2 years there could be 50M VR users worldwide. Many companies invest a lot of money in VR and they should – the level of experience and engagement…

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