Mixed Reality About to Revolutionize Medicine

Surgery AR

Sarah Murthi, MD, stood between an ultrasound monitor and a University of Maryland student supine on a medical bed at the Newseum here. Clad in a pink scrub, the University of Maryland School of Medicine trauma surgeon demonstrated a new way to view ultrasound images as a dozen or so onlookers stared and occasionally chuckled. One by one, audience members donned goggles to see images from inside the student for themselves.

Murthi was one of a handful of practitioners who demonstrated augmented reality and virtual reality technologies for medicine at Newseum VRMeets: Health and Medicine Monday evening. They exhibited these technologies’ roles in trauma, psychiatry, and neurosurgery — as well as sports psychology and pain management…

Read more: https://www.medpagetoday.com/practicemanagement/informationtechnology/64201

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