Passion drives innovation: AR and VR founders survey reveals new trends

Forward Company, a human capital solutions company focused on talent acquisition and development for innovation leaders conducted a survey directed to founders of augmented reality and virtual reality technology companies. The purpose, to get a snapshot picture of talent attitudes and trends. The goal, the help give some visibility to the industry to move forward. Out of the hundreds of international VR and AR companies, 70 founders responded to the survey.

Here are the top trends that emerged from this survey:

  1. Women are starting to play larger leadership roles in technology and innovation.
  2. Data reveals passion drives entrepreneurship, not technical skills.
  3. Technical skills guarantee employability.
  4. Companies need to invest in training their workforce in both soft and hard skills/
  5. Leadership development is a big concern and priority. Emotional intelligence is a must for today’s and tomorrow’s leaders, management and employees.
  6. Many U.S. VR and AR companies are starting to look outside of the USA to hire.

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