Mixed Reality vs. Augmented Reality: Same ?

Tech Times differentiated virtual reality (VR) from augmented reality (AR) in 2014, even going so far as to predict which of the two technologies would more likely succeed.

The verdict: we were under the impression that augmented reality would have more commercial success.

However, as more companies race to compete in the VR versus AR race, each claiming that their products utilize either of the two technologies, another technology has entered the picture: mixed reality (MR).

Startup Magic Leap is already boasting that the highly guarded commercial product it is developing falls under MR. But some experts are still doubtful, saying that the product is overhyped and that the demo videos released by the company were fake.

Now that mixed reality technology has joined the race to trick our senses, it is time to really figure out what differentiates one from the other, to better judge all these products when they hit the shelves…

Read more on tech times: http://www.techtimes.com/articles/189188/20161218/mixed-reality-vs-virtual-reality-vs-augmented-reality-whats-the-difference.htm

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